Can a Christian be defeated by Satan? (Part 1)

I renounced my old life and began to walk with God in 1990. At that point, my life took a turn for good. I knew I had eternal life. I knew the power of the devil was crushed in my life. I had been delivered from demonic attacks which I experienced as a young boy.

Few months after, I became filled with God’s Spirit. And I knew that, too. I began listening to great men of God like the late Kenneth E. Hagin, Benny Hinn, Francis Wale Oke, Rev S.M. Leigh, and so forth. I was about 16 years of age, and I was so excited to be saved.

I was also growing pretty fast, spiritually. I spent my school breaks witnessing about Jesus, praying for people all around me, and helping friends and family deal with difficult spiritual crisis. When I started seeing the hard evidence of my life and others being changed, my faith intensified and I spoke openly about Jesus all the more.

However, I had people in my life who didn’t support my new life – people I had counted on – and my faith took a major blow a year later. I fell into sin and opened a door for demons to harass me. I remember being tormented for weeks after I had confessed my sins to God and sought to renew my faith. I found myself struggling internally, and just didn’t get the sort of help I desperately needed. I felt alone, and completely crushed under the weight of intense fear and guilt.

God did deliver me at some point and I recovered from that failure. I felt forgiven and made a bolder decision to follow Jesus. I recommitted to studying God’s Word, Prayer, fellowship and the ministry. But not long after, the enemy struck again.

He attacked my relationship with my parents, and slandered me to the leadership of my Christian youth Club. He attacked my academics through confusion, fear, distractions, etc and my grades fell drastically. He also attacked my health and I became frequently ill, which made my grades worse, and hurt my witness for Jesus.

I’m now in my 40s and the same devil is still scheming to hurt me. In the last 10 years, he has attacked my marriage, career, health, finances, spiritual relationships, not to even mention attacks during sleep.

I have heard contrasting views on how to deal with the devil and live a life of victory on a consistent basis. One view embraces the idea that the devil can never harass a Christian because the person has eternal life and the Spirit of God, while another view suggests that Christians though saved, can be attacked and used by the devil. Hence the need for frequent ‘prayers of deliverance from the evil one’ (Matthew 6: 13)

Having had my share of the enemy’s direct and subtle contentions, and being an ardent student of God’s Word, which is the Truth (Ephesians 6), I would tell you that Christians, though filled with God’s power and Spirit, do face real attacks from the devil and his minions, and very often, fall prey to him. This isn’t because the Word of God is unreliable but because we for many reasons unwittingly open doors to the devil, or already had an open door in our lives which we have failed to close before, during, or after an attack.

Yes, I believe in Jesus Christ. I’m more than convinced that through faith in Him, we have received the power guarantying our full benefits as heirs of God.

“But to all who did accept him (Jesus), and believe in him he gave the right to become children of God.” – John 1: 12, NCV

I also believe in the theme of power that runs through the synoptic gospels, Acts of the Apostles, Epistles of Paul, and the teachings of John the Beloved in the New Testament. I believe in the Word of Faith, in the gifts of the Spirit, in the Name of Jesus, and in the Word of God.

“You know about Jesus from Nazareth, that God gave him the Holy Spirit and power. You know how Jesus went everywhere doing good and healing those who were ruled by the devil, because God was with him” –  Acts 10: 38, NCV

However, I mistook the one-time baptism in the Holy Spirit for a trump card I can deploy lazily against demons. I thought all of the power now available to me in Christ, ushers me effortlessly into the ‘sweet by-and-by. I thought I could literally walk rough-shod into the world and preach Jesus, and get people saved and live a cool, fulfilling life, without contention.

How wrong I was!

Yes I still believe Satan (and his demons) fear believers in Christ. But I have now learnt that the devil’s fear and defeat often makes him all the more contentious. He doesn’t always run at first contact; he attacks, often subtly, working the angles of your life, one thread at a time until the ‘whole fabric’ is destroyed, if you fail to discern and stop him with your spiritual arsenal (Ephesians 6: 10 – 17)

I am not in any way suggesting that the devil can gain access to Christians anytime he wants, and ransack our lives. But I’m writing to wake us all up. The devil can attack the Christian. He will attack you at some points – if he hasn’t already! He can and will attack Christians until the Lord calls us home. He will come against your testimony, your family, career, health, wellbeing, children etc, because he is an Accuser of God’s people.

“Then he showed me Joshua the high priest…and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him” – Zechariah 3: 1, NIV

“…For the Accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before God day and night, has been hurled down” – Revelations 12: 10, NIV 

Satan’s goal is to hinder or destroy God’s work on earth through us. His goal is to put out our Light and “de-salt” us, so we are rendered tasteless to the world (see Matthew 5: 13 – 14)

Please bear in mind that this does not mean he can hurt you anytime he wants. No. Spiritual warfare doesn’t work that way. I have had the enemy come against me and fail woefully because I was sensitive to God’s Spirit, understood the angle he was working, and resisted him firmly. For instance, there have been times when he would launch an assault at my mind with a defiling thought, or inflammatory comment from a sibling, co-worker, or stranger, and I would ‘switch on’ my acceptance in Jesus (Ephesus 1: 6) and confess who I am in Christ, thus hindering anger, resentment, rejection or depression from destroying my peace. And there have also been times when a difficult situation in my home life would’ve escalated but I would remember God’s word that warns against acting impulsively (Ecclesiastes 7: 9), and would defeat the devil’s intentions by deliberating prayerfully and answering gently.

A soft answer turns away wrath: but a harsh word stirs up anger.” – Proverbs 15: 1, NKJV

The enemy often hurts us when we unwittingly leave a door open to him and his minions. Looking at my own defeats, I admit that though people and circumstances were instrumental, the bigger flaw laid squarely with me. I carried chinks in my spiritual armour for so long and didn’t heed the warning signs of the Holy Spirit. I would later learn that disobedience to God is a beachhead for Satan. 

No prayer or faith would put you over the devil if you neglect the disciplines, corrections, and directions of God’s Spirit.

“Reproofs of instruction are the way of life” –  Proverbs 6: 23, KJV

At this point, it’s important to mention that not all attacks of the devil come as a result of our faults. Satan attacks followers of Jesus mainly because we carry his testimony and possess the real potential to the change the world.

“Then the dragon was enraged…and went off to wage war against…those who keep God’s commands and hold fast their testimony about Jesus…” – Revelations 12: 17 (NIV)

This is the singular reason for believers in Jesus to guard against personal sins, or they would leave us vulnerable to demonic assaults, torments, and shame.

So yes the devil can and will attack you regardless of the level of your walk with God. However, you can defeat him and his minions through prayer, God’s Word, and heeding the corrections, guidance and warnings of the Holy Spirit.

In my next posts, I shall expound on various doors Christians open for the devil, the consequences of demonic assaults; how to stop demonic assaults; and how to regain lost spiritual grounds.

Please feel free to post your (pertinent) comments, questions and experiences below. God bless you all through Jesus Christ our Lord!


Are you still in the race? (please answer the question to your self)

If you were to die now, and God asks you to present the evidence of your faith and  integrity, what will you show Him? defines evidence as ‘that which tends to prove or disprove something; something that makes plain or clear…

In light of the above definition, what is the proof of your salvation?

And what are the proofs of your good life (where people are concerned)?

The Extravagance of our Salvation.

I woke up this morning with these words overflowing from my heart. (I have observed that God always has a Word for me every morning!) So prepare your heart to receive these words of life.

”How shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him.” – Hebrews 2: 3 NIV

How will you escape if you ignore your status as a follower of Jesus? How? You simply can’t have all the Father has in store for you if you NEGLECT any part of His Word today.

Your status as a believer in the gospel of Jesus Christ isn’t one of those things that will ever happen in your life; IT’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DECISION THAT YOU WILL EVER MAKE. No experience in your life will surpass the experience of salvation!

That said, you ought to start looking at your experience of salvation much differently than you have over the past years. If you’re getting bored of it, go through the implications of Jesus’ life, suffering, death and resurrection all over again. Make sure you’re not missing the point, being that your most feared enemy – death and eternal separation from God – has been forever defeated and you will live forever more. Jesus has done it. You’re saved- and that’s massive, mate!

Being saved may come across to you as some childhood fairytale you’ve heard so many times. But stop yourself, take a moment and go over the implications of your salvation and you will find yourself breaking the limitations of boredom and weariness into unexplainable joy.

‘This great savation’ – that’s what the writer of Hebrews call it, for lack of a stronger adjective, I believe. Modern language affords us the privilege of perhaps more powerful words. We may try ‘intense’ ‘enormous’ ‘titanic’ ”gigantic’, and ‘extravagant’ for size. This great salvation is actually titanic, gigantic and extravagant salvation…for lack of a stronger adjective, still.

Receiving Jesus into our hearts isn’t a sweet by and by experience; IT’S THE SWEETEST EXPERIENCE. This decision isn’t one of the most important decisions you will ever make in your life; it’s THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISION.

The day you met Jesus through the preaching of the gospel isn’t one of those days; IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT DATE in your life. Civil authorities would always refer to your date of birth. Your grave, if marked, would bear your date of birth and death with a hyphen in between. But heaven would forever reckon with the date you acknowledged the Lordship of Jesus over your life. This date would never be forgotten throughout all ages, world without end!

Are you beginning to catch a glimpse of the importance of your salvation all over again?

This extravagant salvation isn’t a random experience amid today’s sea of religious options; rather, it’s stands alone, unparalleled by any other. This isn’t an archaic set of rules to keep, put forth by an eccentric Jew from long, long ago. This is the story of all people being restored to their rightful place with God – as heirs and heiresses. It’s about being one gigantic family with God after we lost that privilege through a nature we inherited from the very first couple – Adam and Eve. Again, go over the story of your salvation. Forget your present challenges, whatever they are, for once, and just take the implication of following Jesus in. Beyond this life, you will live without ever expiring in death!

This extravagant salvation is your Key through the main gates! Have you ever searched for the keys to your house after arriving from a long shift in work? if you have, then you know how dreadful the feeling is. Well, people have lost more – houses through divorce or financial ruin, and a combination of other factors. Worse still, people have lost their houses and lands and other material possessions through religious and political crisis. As of 2013, the number of international migrants worldwide reached 232 million, up from 175 million in year 2000 (see People everywhere are deeply searching for a place they can call home – a safe abode from wars, problems, and poverty. But what they are really seeking is salvation as it encompasses peace, prosperity, safety…and so, so much more! After our days on this sin wrecked earth, we all, believers or not, want to REST. The words ‘home‘ and ‘rest‘ becomes the most important words to us all. Not large bank accounts, exotic cars and pleasures, but home and rest. Just as we desire this at the end of our long shifts in work, we will desire this when we die.

Are you beginning to see why the writer of Hebrews would ask how you can neglect this so great salvation? I would put it this way:

How can you get away with ignoring this extravagant assurance that when your life expires in the here and now, you may go on to live and reign forever with Jesus?

At the resurrection, you will be raised to life bodily the same way Jesus was raised and you will be one of the countless people who will live here on the glorified earth, without wars, dangers, poverty and the likes.

”And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’b or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” 5 He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” – Revelation 21: 3 – 5 NIV

Why would you neglect this extravagant salvation? Come on, dust yourself off and scream out loud: Alleuia! I am so extravagantly saved!


Judging Your Brother

The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me the past year about my walk with Him. He’s been saying to me, ‘you can’t walk with God if your attitude to other believers is unloving. This article by Brother Daniel throws light on judging believers we disapprove of. Please read and practice to be blessed.

Standing on the Word of God

James 4:11, 12: “Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?”

James tells us here; do not judge your brothers/sisters. And if you judge them, then you are judging the law, and if you are judging the law, then you are not a doer of the law but a judge. This could be the Old Testament law, but I think that James is talking about the New Testament Law, meaning, the example of Jesus Christ. Think about it: If you are judging your fellow believer in the Lord, then…

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How To Know the Will of God For My Life (By A.W. Tozer)

I just had to reblog this one. Read this if you don’t know but desire to know and follow God’s will for your life. I’ve been so blessed!



First, it is essential that we be completely dedicated to God’s high honor and surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God will not lead us except for His own glory and He cannot lead us if we resist His will. The shepherd cannot lead a stubborn sheep. The evil practice of using God must be abandoned. We must submit ourselves joyously to God and let Him work through us to achieve His own ends.

Now, granted that we are wholly committed to God with full intent to obey Him, we may expect actually to be led by Him. The Scriptures that teach this are many, such as Proverbs 3:5,6. It only remains for us to believe they mean what they say. The choices that we make from day to day involve only four kinds of things:

 ● Those concerning which God has said an emphatic “no.”

 ● Those…

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A Simple Prayer… Wisdom and Guidance

I just got up to pray about a specific situation when I saw this prayer. You might want to pray accordingly when you reach a crossroad and have to make a quick decision about whether to go ahead with a plan or not. But remember to ask in faith, doubting nothing (James 1: 6), and ask in the Name…of Jesus (John 14: 13 – 14 “And whatever you ask in My Name, that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My Name,I will do it.”

So whatever it is, go on and lay before God. Petition him, believing. And He will come through for you!


“Dear God, I pray that You will instruct us, give us wisdom, and teach us in the way we should go. Direct our steps, let ours ears be inclined to hear Your voice. Help us to be quick to hear and listen, and slow to speak. 

Lord, I pray that we would be led by Your hand, and that You alone will guide us down the way that You would have us to go. We know You speak to us in many different ways, so I also ask that when You speak; we will recognize that it is You. Help us to hear and recognize Your voice, and do Your will.

We recognize that we need You desperately, and ask that we would sense Your presence in every aspect of our lives. 

Let us acknowledge You in all that we do in daily life, because Your Word says :  “In…

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